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WBCX Dual Channel AFR Kit  For Indian- use with Power Vision

WBCX Dual Channel AFR Kit For Indian- use with Power Vision

Price: $599.99
Part Number: WB-PV29-3
Description & Specs

Take your motorcycle or UTV to new heights with our Wideband CX O2 Dual Channel for Polaris and Indian models. This wideband is easy to install and has a massive impact on monitoring your Air: Fuel ratio. Having a dual channel allows you to monitor both cylinders separately, making this an ideal device for optimizing any two-cylinder engine for maximum potential.

The Wideband CX is an easy plug-and-play device that connects to both the diagnostic port and the exhaust for real-time monitoring. The logs are then stored in your Power Vision to be viewed in Dynojet’s Power Core Software Suite which makes for an easy layout on what needs to be changed to get the power you need.


  • Ensures real-time wideband O2 accuracy with negligible latency

  • Connects and stores logs in the Power Vision

  • Plug-and-play wideband O2 with no extra cables needed

  • If you have a Power Vision CX, use model WBCX‌-04