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WBCX Dual Channel AFR Kit  For Can-Am - use with Power Vision

WBCX Dual Channel AFR Kit For Can-Am - use with Power Vision

Price: $599.99
Part Number: WB-PV25-2
Description & Specs

The Wideband CX Dual Channel is the perfect device for those with a naturally aspirated Can-Am who want the most power from their air:fuel ratio. This wideband O2 is easier to install than most models on the market by plugging directly into the diagnostics port and installing the sensors inside the exhaust with no extra wires needed. The logs are then stored in your Power Vision 3 to be viewed later in Dynojet’s Power Core Software Suite so you can update your tunes for maximum performance.

The dual channel system option allows you to monitor both engine cylinders separately to maximize your power and speed for the best driving experience possible.


  • Recommended for normally aspirated Can-Am vehicles, for a turbo charged vehicle we recommend the single channel option
  • Integrates AFR data from the O2 sensor with the OEM databus
  • Ensures real-time O2 AFR accuracy and avoids signal offset issues
  • For use with the Power Vision 3 only.