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WBCX Single Channel AFR Kit  for Yamaha

WBCX Single Channel AFR Kit for Yamaha

Price: $349.99
Part Number: WB-PV22-1
Description & Specs

Perfect your air/fuel ratio for reliable power by replacing your stock O2 sensor with our Wideband CX Kit for Yamaha motorcycles. This easy to use kit is a plug-and-play option that connects directly into the diagnostics port with a simple sensor for the exhaust and no other cables or wiring like other options on the market. Our O2 sensor has the added bonus of accurate, real-time monitoring that is stored directly into your Power Vision to be reviewed and corrected using Dynojet’s Power Core Software Suite. Take control of your Yamaha motorcycle’s power and air/fuel ratio with the Wideband CX made to be paired with our best-selling Power Vision


•  Integrates AFR data from the O2 sensor with the OEM databus

•  Ensures real-time O2 AFR accuracy and avoids signal offset issues